Hello there!

First, I would just like to say a huge thank you to Via Equine for taking me on as one of their brand ambassadors for 2021 this is such an exciting opportunity and when offered to also write a blog post to introduce myself, well I jumped at the chance.

So here we are!

My name is Katie and I am a new BA for ViA Equine and the person behind Informed Rider Coaching (www.informedridercoaching.co.uk).
I have 3 main passions in life riding, teaching, and learning.
Horses are my absolute passion and purpose, being quite literally the only thing that really makes me ‘tick’. So much so I have forged an entire career out of them!

I come from a completely non-horsey background. Getting into riding through going to a school friends 7th birthday party, at a local riding school.

Ever since that day I have been riding pretty much every week of my life since.

As my mother always says – she had a life pre ponies and post ponies… safe to say she cannot really remember the former!!

Although neither of my parents were horsey, I was incredibly fortunate that they were fully supportive of my new found love of all things equine and duly bought me my first pony Charlie (aka Mr Charles) when I was 10 years old. We got into Pony Club and took part in everything together from Mounted Games to Eventing and whatever else was on offer.

Charles is still with me today living the semi-retired life of luxury at the grand old age of 25.

Keeping Charles company, I have Abbie (aka TRC Acton Gold). An ex racehorse who I have on permanent loan from the fabulous British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre. I have always loved Thoroughbreds, for their attitude, intelligence and trainability so when the opportunity came up to support such an important charity through loaning a horse form them, I jumped at the chance!

Abbie is one of the happiest athletes I have ever met, she is currently training at Advanced Medium on the flat and jumps for fun! (check out our videos on Instagram @katie.hancox_irc). She really is such a fun horse and I just adore working with her.

As I previously mentioned, my other passions in life are learning and teaching, I graduated with my MSc Equine Science from Hartpury College in 2015.

Following graduation I worked as an Instructor at the Talland School of Equitation, where I had undertaken all of my training for my BHSAI and UKCC2.

I loved my time at Talland, working under the tutelage of Pammy Hutton and training alongside Olympians and elite riders every day was just unbelieveable! I loved every minute.

However, I missed academia, research and learning about the science behind equestrian sport. Something about having that deeper understanding of how horses work and why certain things work, and others don’t from a scientific perspective just excites me! So when a job opportunity came up to teach Equine Science at University Centre Reaseheath in Cheshire I took the plunge and relocated.

Teaching gives me such a buzz, I love nothing more than delivering information to students and creating that lightbulb moment when a concept is understood for the first time. Whether that is in the middle of an arena or at the front of a lecture theatre. You can see the passion ignite in the student and it is an amazing feeling.

It is really this which gave me the idea for Informed Rider Coaching, within the equine industry there is a huge thirst for knowledge and desire to be better. Being able to teach equitation in an informed manner, with the underpinning scientific knowledge as to why things are done in certain ways and how this then elicits progression, which otherwise would not be made.

Being a sports scientist having access to the right equipment to do my job is of utmost importance. The Via Equine products are all designed to do this, help riders feel as comfortable as possible to perform at their best.

The opportunity now to be working with a company such as ViA equine who pride themselves on providing outstanding service and high-quality products for equestrians using sustainable materials is just fantastic.

Sustainability is really at the heart of what I do whether that is from a product standpoint or a coaching perspective. My ethos is always about being as sustainable as possible through using the right products and having sustainable goals for consistent performance. Something which I know the Via Equine team are equally passionate about.

Therefore, I am so excited about this partnership!

In the mean time, I hope that you will join me on this journey and enjoy many lightbulb moments along the way!

If you haven’t already, please do follow me on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to my mailing list at www.informedridercoaching.co.uk and stay tuned for the next few instalments.

Happy shopping and riding!!

Bes Wishes,
Katie – Informed Rider Coaching