Well after such a bad year for everyone, we decided to set up our own Horse Rider Clothing business.  But why?  Well we own horses ourselves and being on a DIY Yard we gained some feedback into what people would like.

The majority of feedback from people was they wanted a company that provides high quality, great customer service and a good price point.  Which we then planned our whole business around, the next step was to find manufacturers for our ideas of a new seamless cotton rich sock, sports based jodhpurs and a base layer for riding.  After contacting many companies we have settled on a couple to work with moving forward and new socks have gone down really well.

We also want to be conscious about our environment, all of our packing is plastic free and the riding socks come in a compositable bag, finally any deliveries will packaged in recycled paper bags that help the environment (they can even last 3 hours out in the rain).